Also those of you with pinterest or a lot of determination to help Jet win!! 

Jet has also reposted her entry on Pinterest, so to vote for it there, you have to repin it! As pinterest isn’t very popular (??), currently she doesn’t have any repins, but the highest repin number to beat is currently 3. So…!! Yes I am making a pinterest account solely for this. >__>

Please guys I really want her to win. uwu She’s off at Anime Expo right now and it’d mean a lot of she came back to a bunch of new votes! And if you haven’t reblogged it yet, please do!

Getting the ultimate prize relies on three things: tumblr reblogs, pins on pinterest, and staff judging. We the fans make up 2 out of 3 of those things. Please help!! ;w;

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你好, 你好, 你好~ I'm Taiwan!
Commonly known to humans as Lin Meiling. Or Meiling Lin, for you western folk. Occasionally Ilha Formosa, too! (*^ω^)/

But! You can call me just Mei, or whatever other kind of name you like~ Unless what you like happens to be "the other China" or something stupid like that... ( ̄~ ̄;) If that's the case, please shut your trap. (=^=);

I'm just your average Taiwanese bubbletea-addicted female nation with a tiger. c: But he won't hurt you unless I ask, so don't you worry~ !

幸會! \(o^∇^o)/

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